[Coco] [Color Computer] CoCo3.com hacked... questions.

Basil Vaughn Fitze basilf at shaw.ca
Sat Nov 24 15:16:12 EST 2007


Well when hacker hits they are not doing it for fun, they tend to use 
alias to block thier tracks however e-mails the least of the worries
usually once they are in they can be in for good.  I would kill the site
and use a new ISP altogether the damage has been done if I remember the
many e-mails I got from this group www.coco3.com has been hit a few
times just like a house break in they now have access and to get in and
I bet in this case the hacker put a way to keep getting in.  I would
blame the ISP for lack of internal security.

Why would a hacker hit a 8 bit fan site, unless the idiot has nothing
better to do.   There is software all good ISP's can implement to record
and report this activity and report it and follow through with legal

Basil Fitze
Computer Consultant
basilf at shaw.ca

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