[Coco] 6809 computer boards (was French Translation Compensation)

jdaggett at gate.net jdaggett at gate.net
Tue Nov 20 23:28:59 EST 2007

On 20 Nov 2007 at 15:56, Frank Swygert wrote:

> There don't seem to be any US manufacturers using a 6809 for anything
> now. The 68HCxx controllers pretty much took over whatever market
> there was for the 6809. Maybe NitrOS-9 should be ported to something
> like a 68HC11, which might be usable in a CoCo3 like system...


the HC11 line of microcontrrollers is now all but obsolete. Mu ch of the line of 
processors have been obsoleted. The replacement/upgrade was the HC12 is now 
becoming legacy products now. The preferred newer line is the S12 line of 
processors. They are upward compatible to the HC11 with more stuff in them. 

If t eh HC12/S12 line had the U register then one could reassemble 6809 code 
into the HC12/S12 line of processors. Outside code that uses U register, 
everything else will reassemble rather easily. 


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