[Coco] 6809 computer boards (was French Translation Compensation)

Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Tue Nov 20 18:08:26 EST 2007

Frank Swygert wrote:
> There are plans for a 6809/6845 based computer here:
> http://www.dunfield.com/products/projects.htm. I read about it -- uses
> a 14.xx Mhz crystal for everything and runs around 7 Mhz (uses
> overclocked 68B09E).  Not sure if the floppy controller chip used is
> available any more though.
> There don't seem to be any US manufacturers using a 6809 for anything
> now. The 68HCxx controllers pretty much took over whatever market
> there was for the 6809. Maybe NitrOS-9 should be ported to something
> like a 68HC11, which might be usable in a CoCo3 like system...
Of course, now we can do 6x09 in FPGA...  Who needs dedicated silicon?


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