[Coco] French Translation Compensation

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Mon Nov 19 23:07:55 EST 2007

At 09:54 PM 11/19/2007, you wrote:
I'm sorry to hear that. Don't you have any company in the U.S. that 
makes 6809 boards also ?
>Or is this french company alone in the world ? (I would be surprised)
>>However, I appreciate the translations, and I've got them stored in 
>>case I work out some deal with the company in the future.

The boards they market are awesome and have some of the best 
documentation in book form that I've ever seen.  They sent me free 
color catalogs and a thick 6809 programming book for their 
boards.  The idea was to get NitrOS-9 running on their board since it 
is made of almost all of what a CoCo 2 has, give or take some extra stuff.

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