[Coco] DVD and CoCo Mug

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Sat Nov 17 15:05:05 EST 2007

Due to being summons at work to putting in long hours I am going to 
reduce the things I can deliver from coco3.com to the archive DVD and 
the Smiling CoCo Mugs.
If you want one of these items, please consider buying before Dec 1 or so.

First, about the Smiling CoCo Mugs.  I'm waiting on more orders 
before I can send off for them to be produced.  Might I mention again 
that these are not cheapo mugs but 15oz heavy duty almond colored 
mugs, with color vector graphics (smooth as silk edges).  With the 
funds I gather from any DVD or mug orders over the next week or so I 
hope to send the mug company their e-payment for the minimum # of 
mugs.  Due to the high production cost, I couldn't go completely out 
of pocket on this one.  So yep, it's a limited offer, and 2 of them 
will go to me in case I break one.  I'd hate to have to beg one of 
you for a coco3.com mug one day.  ;)

Super CoCo Archive DVD Summary

The following is a summary of maybe 75% of the DVD contents.  Various 
misc. files exist in other folders and subfolders which makes it hard 
to catalog everything precisely, but this should give an idea.

The DVD has been 95% organized into nice subfolders which make it 
very easy to locate what you need.
The actual total summary is 3.53gb, 7889 files.

ROM Paks and Images, ~3mb, ~147 files
Disk BASIC Virtual Disks, ~41mb, ~284 files
Virtual cassettes, ~5mb, ~289 files
OS-9/NitrOS-9 Virtual Disks and hard drives, ~59mb, ~211 files
Books and Manuals, ~272mb, ~86 files
Text and Docs, ~13mb, ~121 files
Circuitry, diagrams, schematics, ~38mb ~63 files
CoCoNutz Newsletters, ~25mb, ~36 files
  all PDF issues to date and misc files
Blank Virtual Hard Drives (20mb, 40mb, 80mb zipped)
Blank Virtual Floppies (many sizes, raw .dsk format)
Emulators and BIOS ROMs, ~433mb, ~1,456 files
  KEIL, JV, M.E.S.S. multiple versions, and more
PC Tools, ~18mb, ~124 files
Pictures and Graphics, ~237mb, ~1,841 files
  CoCoFEST photo galleries (many fests), CoCo3.com personal user 
galleries, etc.
Portal-9 IDE Projects, ~8mb, ~446 files
Rainbow IDE Projects, ~7mb, ~402 files
Source Code, ~48mb, ~1,566 files
Raw Disk BASIC Files, ~6mb, ~331 files
  runnable from Windows if you *install* the VCC emulator, nice
Raw OS-9 files, ~5mb, ~206 files
CoCo3.com Uploads, ~13mb, ~50 files
CoCo Videos and commercials, ~2.5gb, ~28 files

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