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>>   Greetings;
>> It is with some sadness that I am  advising  everybody that my oldest
>> daughter,
>>  Barbara, passed about 2:30  CST last Friday morning, from stomach  cancer.
>> Somehow, one  isn't supposed to outlive  his kids, but Barbara was the last
>>  of
>> my girls,  leaving only the youngest brother of the 3 I made with  Annie
>>  Lucille Sweet.
>> I made a trip to Iowa about 3   weeks ago to say goodbye, stayed most of 2
>> weeks, I couldn't not  do  that, a long (3100 miles total) trip alone in my
>> GMC, but  worth every  mile and cent.
>>  --
>Gene I can't even Imagine what that is like. My prayers are  with you. This
>is the saddest news for  anyone.
>((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))) to you and  your  wife.
Thanks Mary.  What was  rough was that everybody but her knew it was 
but she hadn't been  told "because they give up too fast then" so we all had 
to pussyfoot  around it in our conversations with her or where she could 

But she was not a dummy, tested around 130 way back then and when the  nurse 
was there on Wednesday, 9 days ago and weighed her, she stared at  the 89 lbs 
it said and saw the truth, which was that she was losing the  battle.  Must 
have taken 30 seconds before the small talk was  resumed.  That was a 12 lb 
loss in the 9 days since she came home  from the hospital.  After that it was 
a little easier to talk, for me  at least.  We both knew that the gentle hug 
kiss & "I love  you" were going to be the last on this side as I was leaving. 
Gentle  because by that time her back was on fire, the morphine wasn't 
all  that much.

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