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On Saturday 17 November 2007, nuxie at aol.com wrote:
>Hey there Gene,
>I dont know how to help in a situation like this. Do you need to travel any?

I've been there already, Mary.  I figured I would do her far more good 
visiting while she still lived than coming to the funeral.

> I think some of have some frequent flier miles or something if you need to
> go back to Iowa.? Or do you need to bring any of your family close to you?
> Sometime when it is less painfull for you I would like to hear about your
> daughter. Did she have kids, how old was she?

Thanks for the offer, but I don't really need it, I do have some money in the 
bank yet.

She left her husband Shawn, and 5 children.  2 girls by a failed 1st marriage 
and who live close enough to her to day visit, each with a husband and a pair 
of curtain climbers that plumb wore Barbara out when they both came the same 
day, another girl about 22 & out on her own for several years with a 
surprisingly sensible boyfriend & 4 years into a 4 year nursing degree that 
may take 6 because she's working also, not to mention she comes in and does 
kitchen patrol & cooks 2-3 times a week since Barbara got sick, I asked her 
when they were getting hitched & she said "I dunno, but he's stuck with me" 
(and she's a chubby living doll!) and 2 teenage boys still at home and in 
school, one, 17 & due to report for boot camp as soon as a leg injury heels.  
That one has crawled into an on-line computer game and will need a wakeup 
call at some point.  The youngest is 15, a foot taller & 150 lbs heavier than 
Shawn, now on a diet so he can pass the physical when the time comes.  And 
he's pretty sensible to boot, so he'll get on ok as will all the girls.  4 
are pretty much giddyup-gogo people even when the chips aren't down.  
Self-starters.  As is Shawn himself.

So just from Barbara I'm a grandpa 5 times and a great grandpa 4 times, a 
regular population explosion. :)

She was 49.


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>It is with some sadness that I am advising everybody that my oldest
> daughter, Barbara, passed about 2:30 CST last Friday morning, from stomach
> cancer.
>Somehow, one isn't supposed to outlive his kids, but Barbara was the last of
>my girls, leaving only the youngest brother of the 3 I made with Annie
>Lucille Sweet.
>I made a trip to Iowa about 3 weeks ago to say goodbye, stayed most of 2
>weeks, I couldn't not do that, a long (3100 miles total) trip alone in my
>GMC, but worth every mile and cent.

Cheers, Gene
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