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Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Thu Nov 15 21:41:04 EST 2007

Steve Bjork wrote:
> Good day everyone!
> I'm looking for all I/O addresses (and mirror addresses too) used by 
> past (and new) CoCo products.  (Not just the Tandy stuff, but also all 
> third party hardware too.)

My notes have X-Pad from $FF60-$FF63
Additional reserved memory
$C000-$C004  Tandy marketed SmartWatch; Not sold for Coco but will work.
$FF20-$FF27  Colin Stearman's parallel Printer Port
$FF40-$FF5F  Dennis Kitsz' Color Burner
$FF40-$FF46  Colin Stearman's EPROM programmer
$FF50-$FF57  DISTO Mini-Expansion-Bus;  ex. DISTO EPROM Burner
$FF58-$FF5F  DISTO SCII Alternate control registers
$FF6E-$FF6F  Speech Systems Realtime clock
$FF70-$FF73  SSC Stereo Pak
$FF74-$FF77  SSC SC-01 Voice Pak
$FF74-$FF77  Ken-Ton SCSI Interface & Realtime clock
$FF74-$FF77  DISTO Primary control registers
$FF7C        PBJ Buss slot select; ghosted -$FF7F
$FF90-$FF93  PBJ Parallel Pak;  Coco MAX ??
$FF94-$FF97  PBJ Realtime clock;  Coco MAX ??
$FF98-$FF9B  PBJ Word Pak;       Coco MAX ghost ??
$FF9C-$FF9F   "   "    " ;              "

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