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Heh - thanks for that, but I have enough unfinished hacking projects as it is.
I have 3 Kaypro 10's and a Kaypro 4/84 still opened up, 2 Osborne Executives, and Osborne 1, and now a Model1 as well, al waiting for the human touch!

But, I think I have a second MPI.
The second MPI I have, is one of the white ones, and I *KNOW* it does not have a PAL upgrade.
The PAL upgrade is for 100% compatibility with a CoCo3, right?
I wouldn't need the PAL upgrade for use with a CoCo2?

I have one of the older grey MPI's which is modded for CoCo3.


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tonym wrote:
 I know a CoCo3 requires an MPI to use one of the old-school Tandy floppy controller, but
 does the CoCo2 also require an MPI? I was planning on setting up a CoCo2 in the garage to rinky-dink around with.


Depends on what you mean by "requires". The critical factor is the 
presence or lack of +12vDC at the cart port. The older controllers need 
+12v for the disk controller chip. The Coco1 and I think Coco2 have +12v 
but the Coco3 does not.

The above does not mean you must have an MPI for disk I/O even with a 
Coco3. You can easily add a +12vDC power supply to a Coco with a 
regulator chip. You only need an MPI if you want more than one cart in 
use at one time. Before I got an MPI, that's exactly what I did with my 
Coco3; add a +12vDC supply.

If you can't come up with a circuit, contact me by private e-mail.

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