[Coco] PS-2 Mouse on CoCo

Phill Harvey-Smith afra at aurigae.demon.co.uk
Sun Nov 11 12:45:01 EST 2007

 > On Nov 11, 2007 9:15 AM, Derek <dml_68 at yahoo.com> wrote:
 >> I am looking for pin out and a parts list for adapting a PS-2 mouse 
 >> for use on my CoCo 3. I have a PS-2 Mouse and the DIN plug for the 
 >>coco joystick port.
 >Neil Morrison wrote:
> I can't imagine that is doable. 

It's cirtainly doable, just not trivially by cutting and splicing :)
After all PS/2 mouse protocol, is very similar to PS/2 & PC keyboard,
I know of at least one CoCo to PC keyboard interface, and have built 
such a beast myself with an AVR microcontroler and a couple of otehr chips.

But I guess that's what you meant :) :) :)

> 				The PS-2 mouse sends a serial stream.
> The Coco mouse is really a joystick - two pots. You'll need to find a
> Coco mouse or a T1000 mouse or one of the clones from that era.

Depends exactly how the CoCo mouse actually works, you may be able to 
get away with (as well as above mentioned microcontroler) a couple
of potential deviders and a couple of hi-z output lines, not ever having 
seen a CoCo mouse it's hard to speculate :)



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