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Which brings us back to my original point: You CANNOT ship anything for $1.97.

$1.97 may be for standard USMail, or first class mail, but neither is a PayPal-approved method.

If you look in the PayPal policies, *ANYTHING* you ship *MUST* have an "online trackable" tracking number.
Anything. If you send something USMail, and the buyer says it never got there, you have no proof.
If they file a dispute, yo AUTOMATICALLY LOSE, period. No discussion, no faxing the USMail receipt - seller loses, period.

And if the price is $250 or above, it MUST be sent with signature/delivery confirmation.

USMail, and first class mail do *NOT* have a tracking number option - must be Parcel Post or above, and
I think the Parcel Post minimum price is like $2.50 or so. Priority Mail starting price is $4.60.
Add a tracking number for $0.90 (I think) and you're at $3.40 or $5.50 accordingly.

Now does $9 from Canada to the US seem unreasonable?
We're talking domestic rates - look up the rate for sending 8oz Parcel Post to Canada from almost anywhere in the US, and
you'll see it's actually rather fair, if not kind of low.


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Seller is in Manitoba. If you are in the US, he can't send anything bigger than a letter for $1.97.

Neil Morrison neilsmorr at gmail.com wrote: 
I asked why he was charging $9 to mail an item which cost $1.97 to mail. His 
response was to ban me. His feedback is very bad:


He also leaves vile feedback for those he has screwed. Watch yourself.


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From: "David Grimmel" 

 I just had a very unpleasant exchange with this guy in Manitoba, Canada. 
 Be careful about any dealings you may have with him - looks like a bad 
 one to me. I have reported him to eBay and I hope he is banned.


 Why? What happened? I have a couple of bids on his stuff.


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