[Coco] Has anybody connected

Derek dml_68 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 9 19:11:26 EST 2007

Yes thats how I have my coco connected to my PC's monitor via a TV Tuner Card. At 1st it sucked with the software that came with the tuner card but if you get a better TV tuner software that allows you to process the signal through a filter like FDshow or other Mpeg filters found in the different Video Codec packages you can tweak it to get a much better picture. I am using a package called ChrisTV that has the different adjustable video filter settings. It is no where near a true RGB signal but it still works pretty well.

"Bruce W. Calkins" <brucewcalkins at charter.net> wrote: A CoCo to a PC using a TV tuner card?

And how well did it work?

Bruce W.

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