[Coco] Glenside IDE Hard Drive Interface --- HOW-TO

Manny cocolist at invigorated.org
Wed Nov 7 12:21:58 EST 2007

Joel Ewy wrote:
> Manny wrote:
>> We could do with a page that is a central source for things to help
>> newbies start. I was thinking a page that would have a few tools and
>> things with a description next to the download. I haven't seen such a
>> page, and the FTPs that are around doesn't have the ease of use that I
>> was just talking about.
> It would be pretty easy to set up something like that at Allen Huffman's
> CoCo Wiki site:  http://www.coco25.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page  I know
> he'd be pleased to give you an account to get a CoCo Newbie Wiki page
> started.  I'm not sure you could host file downloads there, but there's
> no reason one couldn't link directly to the files on one of the FTP
> archives.

> And I bet Roger Taylor could be convinced to something for CoCo newbies
> on coco3.com...

I could easily host the archives or the page. But, Allen's or Roger's 
page would probably be a better place to do it.

> Whether or not it's distributed as a part of NitrOS-9, one could come up
> with an 'essential utilities' disk image culled from the archives and
> link to it from the CoCo newbie page.

I think it would help a lot to have it along side of the NitrOS-9 
release, though. That way there would be no confusion as to where it is. 
It could be downloaded when the user downloads NitrOS-9.

>> I suppose my last reason could be rectified by purchasing Ved. (Which is
>> like Vi, right? Blech! I love my Emacs. ;) )
> Wrong.  Rad Shak's TS-EDIT is Vi-like (even more so with that patch).  I
> happen to have been corrupted to Vi in my youth by spending too much
> time with Elm on an NCR Tower, so I don't mind it at all.  But Ved is a
> completely different thing.  It bears more resemblance to Telewriter
> 64/128 than to Vi* or *MACS, and is a lot closer to a DOS EDIT, or a
> Windows Notepad in that it's a full-screen editor where you can use the
> arrow keys to move the cursor around, though you won't be using
> <ctrl><c> <ctrl><v> to copy and paste.  The VPRINT formatter uses very
> similar formatting codes to the ones in TW64/128.

Oh. Well I probably got these two confused then. Thanks for righting me 
on that one. I would love to try it out, in that case. But like I said 
before, I haven't the money for it. :(

>> But I can't rationalize
>> $25.00 (+ s/h) for a text editor for the CoCo right now. (Besides, my
>> wife would find out and kill me for it! I just barely got by with buying
>> Portal-9 a few years ago.) Also, no offense to Mark, but I think $25.00
>> is a little steep for a text editor for the CoCo. $10.00 - $15.00
>> would be a better range, IMHO.
> At the time I bought it, I was using my CoCo on a daily basis, and it
> was well worth the price.  I think I got it along with VPRINT for
> something like $50.

Together they are $55.00 from Cloud-9. That is unless there is a special 
price with both of them together.

> At this point, like you, my budget for CoCo stuff
> falls more under the "Fun and Entertainment" line item.  I would also be
> more willing to buy CoCo software if it was in the $10-$15 range.  I
> suspect that a price point like that would likely generate more software
> sales -- especially for software that was written long ago and isn't
> being actively developed -- but I only know about my own situation.  In
> any case, VED (and VPRINT) is a good editor (despite the fact that it
> isn't anything like Vi :-) ), and I certainly don't regret the money I
> spent on it back in the day.

If I would have known about it or purchased it back in the day, then I 
would have said the same. :) But, I do agree that $10 - $15 is probably 
the sweet spot for a lot of CoCo software.


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