[Coco] Glenside IDE Hard Drive Interface --- HOW-TO

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Wed Nov 7 12:08:17 EST 2007

On Wednesday 07 November 2007, Manny wrote:
>Bob Devries wrote:
>> It is my opinion that if a file or files is distributed in archived
>> format, be it .ar or .lha or .zip, then either the (de)archiver
>> programme should be included, or clear instructions should be
>> included to locate those (de)archivers.
>> While this is not usually necessary for us *oldies*, it is often the
>> newbies that get into strife with this. I personally don't see any
>> reason for archiving files at all, especially since the advent of
>> .DSK files (although that is arguably a form of archiving in itself).
>We could do with a page that is a central source for things to help
>newbies start. I was thinking a page that would have a few tools and
>things with a description next to the download. I haven't seen such a
>page, and the FTPs that are around doesn't have the ease of use that I
>was just talking about.
>I also don't see what would be wrong with putting an (de)archiver in to
>the NitrOS-9 package. lha, I believe, isn't all that big. If anything,
>an extra disk image with utilities that you could download from the
>project page might make things a little easier without adding bloat to
>the main disk image.
>> I agree with Willard; a *decent* screen editor is something that is
>> sadly lacking in the public domain. While my editor of choice is Bob
>>  van der Poel's Ved, that program is a commercial product, and should
>>  not be distributed in this way, but what other (PD) editor comes
>> close?
>A year or so ago, I did a big search for a public domain editor for OS-9
>that would be simple to use. I did find a couple that almost worked, but
>I found too many bugs to be able to use them efficiently. This took me
>into the idea of programming one myself based off of some of the old
>DOS-based text editor. (Using the arrow keys for movement and simple to
>remember commands like <CTRL><C>, etc.) But, I've been blocked by my
>lack of knowledge of the underlying operating system, some of the
>problems that I have encountered with the Microware's (?) C package, as
>well as a lack of a good public domain text editor. (Kind of a vicious
>circle, eh? :) )
Yes, it certainly is.  And I'd comment that $25 for a decent text editor isn't 
really that bad, most of us will spend that much on beer or cigarettes in 2-3 

>I suppose my last reason could be rectified by purchasing Ved. (Which is
>like Vi, right? Blech! I love my Emacs. ;) ) But I can't rationalize
>$25.00 (+ s/h) for a text editor for the CoCo right now. (Besides, my
>wife would find out and kill me for it! I just barely got by with buying
>Portal-9 a few years ago.) Also, no offense to Mark, but I think $25.00
>is a little steep for a text editor for the CoCo. $10.00 - $15.00 would
>be a better range, IMHO.

There was a time when the tsedit replacement disks, 2 of them I recall, were 
available from RSU for 2 or 3 bucks each.  Combined with someones VI patch, 
its a great editor and can be invoked as 'vi #56k filename'.  I don't 
personally know of another os9 editor that can handle that big a file, and 
its never cost me a lost character yet.  But thanks be, its no emacs.  Take a 
look at the linux versions of that today, with all the goodies, over 20 
megabytes!  There can be too much of a good thing, and emacs is a good 
example IMO.

>One of these days, I would like to program one. But my current interest
>in the CoCo is falling off a little bit because of being 3000 miles away
>from my CoCo. (It looks like it will be that way for a few years to
>come, too.)

That's sad Manny.  Can you not have it shipped to you?

>I'll stop my rambling now.
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