[Coco] 720k 3.5" floppies

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Mon Nov 5 22:02:13 EST 2007

At 09:10 AM 11/5/2007, you wrote:

speaking of the 3.5" disks:

Luckily, about 5 years ago I was in Sams and noticed a special 50-pk 
deal for 3.5" HD floppies for $15.  The deal: limit 3 boxes, each 
with 100% rebate.  :)  So, I bought 3 boxes totaling 150 disks, got 
home and sent off the rebates.  In a few weeks I got a $45 check back.

I just bought a $25 233mhz tower with Windows 95 on it just for 
goofing off with and the first thing I did was fire up my David Keil 
CoCo 3 emulator CD.  I told Drive 0 to be DD 360K and all of my 
CoCo-formatted floppies are reading from the PC's drive.  Even though 
the Sam's floppies were HD, I used a 3.5" DD drive on my CoCo to 
reformat them.  They worked there, and they are working now as 360K 
disks.  So, I've got most of my CoCo stuff on 3.5" disks which are 
also mostly recovered to .dsk images as well, so I plan to dump them 
all to an emulator CD.  It looks like the W95 box makes a good CoCo 3 
emulator, as the timing looks perfect and everything looks great.

Change of topic-
Does anyone know right off how to let Keil's CC3 emulator use a 
virtual hard drive stored on Drive C, and how to boot NitrOS-9 
directly from it?  If this isn't possible, I'd like to set up a .dsk 
image that boots only then parks at the virtual hard drive.

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