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Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Sun Nov 4 23:39:37 EST 2007

tonym wrote:
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>> I find the Cloud-9 rig MUCH better
> Can you go into more detail?
> I would obviously prefer to go the TC^3 route, or IDE route, as MFM is obviously NOT the way to go.
> I have a few MFM drives tucked away, but not enough - I also have a few Kaypro 10's, an Altos 5, and 
> an Altos 586, which all utilize MFM drives. And yes, they are getting hard to find, as well as pricey for
> what they can actually store.
Not to mention the fact that there aren't likely many useful working
hours left on them unless they've been stored unused since they were
manufactured a quarter century ago.  Even in such a state I wouldn't be
too surprised if they didn't spin up.  IDE and CF are definitely the
most practical options at this point.  I got a cute little 4G Hitachi
Microdrive recently.  I'll probably use it for swap space on an old
laptop running Damn Small Linux (4.0 is really slick!)  If it lives long
enough (or if I can find another one) it might end up on a CoCo after that.

> Tony
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