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My old Seagate ST-225 20meg Burke & Burke rig has XT-ROM in it, allows two boot files OS9Boot and ALTBoot to reside on tracks 128 and 129 respectively of the hard disk. The ROM socket of the 8-bit HD controller contains an EEPROM with the boot software. Boots to OS9Boot if you do nothing, press SHIFT and it loads ALTBoot. This rig is in storage now.

I find the Cloud-9 rig MUCH better, you can have as many boot files as you like since they do not reside in the OS9 partition but instead in the DECB partitions. Getting old MFM drives is no easy matter either. Well, from my perspective from Central America.

I do miss the rattle and hum, the whistling and the heads moving about of the ST-225.

I believe the complete Burke and Burke docs are on RTSI. If not, I have them for EZGEN, File System Repack, XT-Coco and XT-ROM. Used to have RSB but lost that sometime/somewhere.

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There was an OS-9 boot rom available for the Burke&Burke controller.

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As i read the emails regarding the Glenside IDE, it reminded me to ask:

Is there a way to make a ROM to boot straight from a hard disk, and not 
require using a boot floppy?
I have a Burke and Burke XT/RTC MFM controller, as well as a Cloud-9 TC^3 
SCSI controller.

I also have purchased the SuperDisk, as well as the OS9 ROM kit from Cloud-9



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