[Coco] 720k 3.5" floppies

Derek dml_68 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 3 17:31:16 EDT 2007

I am using a Mitsumi 1.44MB 3.5" drive for my coco mounted and cabled along with my 5.25" drive in my FD-502.  As long as the 1.44MB HD drive has jumpers for drive select settings you should be able to use them just fine. I have been using my drive set up for months now without any problem.

Chester Patterson <vchester at setec-cr.com> wrote: I've bought a couple of Tandy 1400's just in order to get at the 720k 3.5"
I've had three drives go belly up in the last 2 months. What other old
computers used standard 720k 3.5" drives that I can apapt to the Coco? I
have zero experience with anything non-Coco or non-PC. Thanks.

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