[Coco] OT fighting

Bill Barnes da3m0n_slay3r at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 11 16:55:57 EST 2007

Ok, MY two cents on this OT matter here.
  FIRST of all the given site :
Lists ONLY gustavus1's negative and neutral feedback... the READER has to pay attention to the dates, as well as the FULL LISTING of feedback on eBay.  Shoot, typing my eBay name instead of his <http://toolhaus.org/cgi-bin/negs?User=barrencross68&Dirn=Left+by> shows no feedback, and I have a 100% feedback rating as both seller and buyer (in this case none is a SUPERB thing on toolhaus.)
  He may in fact be quite anal most of the time, and then again, may be only anal when provoked... IDK!!!!! I Dont know the guy, so I'm not going to say the guy is a jerk or isn't one either.
  Packages fall under the rules of where they are shipped from, period. S/H... includes packaging fees (and involved labor if a business decides to pass that on too) as well as actual shipping.

  But seriously here... This discussion IS worse than the fights with Hex Star that were here a while back. Can we stop this bickering already... After all we've subscribed to talk about the CoCo and all related items, not fight about actual costs to ship. I'd rather get back to reading more about my original good computing experience, the CoCo.


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