[Coco] VCC and NitrOS-9

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Mon Nov 5 23:43:05 EST 2007

It looks like the following setup allows a nice emulated NitrOS-9 system:

VCC 1.14 CoCo 3 emulator
  HD Drive 0 -> nitros9.vhd
  FD Drive 0 -> Robert Gault's nitros9boot.os9 file found in his 
RGBDOS.zip file

I'm using the standard Disk BASIC 1.1 ROM included with VCC.  I'm not 
sure what all RGBDOS does or if it's even compatible with the way VCC 
expects things to be, etc., but so far I've got NitrOS-9 coming up 
with King's Quest 1,2,3, Leisure Suit Larry, and the other newly-made 
Sierra games, so I'm pleased at the moment.

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