[Coco] little campaign to help CoCo3.com hosting

Roger Taylor operator at coco3.com
Thu Jul 5 18:49:44 EDT 2007

At 01:16 PM 7/5/2007, you wrote:
>Hey Roger,
>I just hit your donate button to help fill up your tip jar.  If five 
>more users are willing to drop a 10 spot then you should have your 
>hosting bill covered for the next 6 months.
>Besides, $10 is not too much to ask for.  After all, you are the one 
>doing all the work to keep this list and coco3.com up and running!
>Thanks for all your hard work!
>Steve (6809er) Bjork

Steve, thanks for the kind words and the contribution.  If I may make 
one small correction, though.  Dennis maintains this particular list 
and is the muscle behind it.  I do need to get a link back on the 
coco3.com homepage, though.  However, I've always kept a link active 
on the homepage since this list started, and I think if everybody 
else did the same then we'd get even more "lost and looking" CoCo 
users.  The roundup continues.  :)

Thanks again!

Roger Taylor

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