[Coco] CoCo 4 (or 5) perspectives: close hardware emulation?

Joel Ewy jcewy at swbell.net
Mon Jan 29 01:18:13 EST 2007

Roger Taylor wrote:
> ...
> Cloud-9 is your CoCo 4.  
Actually, even Mark Marlette suggested that whatever emerges next should
be called a CoCo 5.  :)
> These guys have come closer than anybody to 
> giving us what we could call a souped-up CoCo beyond what anybody 
> thought was possible.  It has taken years to come up with this stuff, 
> and one product that has been in the planning for (dare I say 10 
> years?) has yet to arrive, although the features of that product are 
> probably already achievable from other combined products.  What I'm 
> getting at is this: you cannot just turn these ideas into reality 
> overnight, or in a few years.
I didn't throw away my CoCo 1 when I got a CoCo 3.  In fact, I just dug
out that original CoCo to play "The Glove".  I agree that it may be a
little while before I have a real CC-Five (or whatever).  In the
meanwhile, I still have my eye on that SuperIDE.  I've been a Cloud 9
customer in the past, and I will be again in the future.  Even if I get
a next-gen CoCo with all the bells and whistles, I've still got several
CoCo 3s that don't yet have good mass storage!  If they keep selling
good CoCo stuff, I'll probably keep buying.  And don't forget that no
matter how many goodies are built-into an FPGA CoCo, there will always
be opportunities for improvements, which means opportunities for
brilliant guys like Mark and Boisy to show us what else they can do! 
There has been some discussion about a personality board.  Who would
like to manufacture such a thing?
> I say we have a CoCo 4 already if we just soup the 3 up using these 
> modern gadgets, and let the "Five" talks go to sleep with us tonight.  ;)
Good night!  :)


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