[Coco] Pseudo CoCo4???

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Sun Jan 21 18:46:22 EST 2007

Roger Taylor wrote:
> At 12:08 PM 1/21/2007, you wrote:
>>Just a thought here... I haven't played with MESS yet, one of those 
>>"when I get some extra time" things. But as I recall it can work 
>>with added features such as hard drive support, and run in a full 
>>screen mode (sort of a "letterbox" mode). What is the lowest 
>>speed/level processor MESS runs well under? Will it work reasonably 
>>well with a Pentium I, or does it require at least a PII or PIII to 
>>run at CoCo3 speeds? What I'm thinking is why not package a "live" 
>>CD with everything to run like a CoCo3 but make a few enhancements 
>>(like HD support, faster clock speed, access to some of the PC 
>>peripherals)? It's cheaper than doing it in hardware since there is 
>>so much cheap PC hardware out there now.
>>Frank Swygert
>>Publisher, "American Motors Cars"
>>Magazine (AMC)
> Years back I offered to write a "housing" for the M.E.S.S. emulator 
> that showed a CoCo on your PC screen, complete with monitor, printer, 
> floppy drives, hard drives, MPI, etc. and about the only response I 
> got was "nobody is going to use it".
> I can't remember the dead-head who told me that, but I disagreed, and 
> I still invision such an emulator front-end where you drag and drop 
> graphical elements using your PC mouse.  Drag a .dsk file into the 
> floppy drives, a tape into a tape deck, and click the keys if you want.
> The latest version of M.E.S.S. appears to run fast enough but when 
> you boot into the CoCo window it delays for too long to make me 
> happy.  There used to be no delay, but now it reports a progress bar, 
> "Loading 66%", etc. Then, "initializing"... taking up more time than 
> ever which each new release.  I don't know what's going on with the 
> development team but they have had it right so many times in the past 
> and I'm sure they are fixing things that aren't broke.  There seems 
> to be a focus on doctoring with the CoCo emulation on each 
> release.  If you check out the WhatsNew.txt file you'll see the CoCo 
> mentioned more than the other modes.  Grab a past stable release and 
> don't ever delete it just in case they really screw things up with no hope.

Part of the problem (or most) for the MESS Coco group is that the MAME 
core gets updated without regard for how it will work with MESS. Most of 
the changes you see are done to make MESS work with the new MAME core.

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