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Sat Feb 24 10:22:09 EST 2007

Go to this site with your web browser and you'll find PDF files of "Mastering OS-9" in its own directory:ftp://maltedmedia.com/coco/Farna/. There is also an "OS-9 Quick Reference Guide" (and one for OSK) in the same directory. The two provide excellent documentation for OS-9 Level II -- I dare say better than the original. "Mastering OS-9" is written in more of a text book format, with working examples of using commands -- not just command syntax. It was originally written by Paul Ward. I was an OS-9 novice myself at the time I gained rights to it. As I went through the original text a few minor editing changes were made for clarity where a novice might get confused. I didn't have to do much -- the original is a very good learning guide.

The original PM4 files are also included. If someone has PageMaker 4 (Mac or PC) or PageMaker 5 they could easily add the information for NitrOS-9. If someone is willing to use the two as a base to modify for NitrOS-9 documentation, I am willing to give written permission to them -- just contact me. I am willing to "loan" my copy of PageMaker to anyone willing to take on the task of making the NitrOS-9 mods. 

I only ask that the document be uploaded as a native PM4 or 5 file and PDF file to the Farna directory at maltedmedia.com and be made public domain. This does not prevent the author/modifier from selling hard printed copies and/or copies on CD-ROM/floppy if they wish to make them AFTER the files are uploaded and it is made known on the list that they are available for free download. 

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