[Coco] [Color Computer] Still, Looking for an old CoCo Demo

Black Wolfe blackwolfe at charter.net
Sat Nov 25 21:14:14 EST 2006

Well, it's the only demo I know (knew) about.  When you find the Christmas 
demo, kindly send me a copy.

Bruce W.

> Hi. I made the disks no problem to run on my coco3.
> This isn't a Christmas demo though, its just the coco3 promotional demo.
> I've had this since the late 80s. :-)
> -Charlie

>> O.K., I just wasted a half hour trying to run this in a emulator to 
>> verify
>> it.
>> I'll need to build a Windoze 98 machine to run it.
>> Anyway, boot from demoboot, then run rsc3demo.
>> Let me know it they don't work, I have run this, both on a emulator and 
>> on
> a
>> real CoCo 3.
>> Bruce W.

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