[Coco] KA9Q

Leon Howell puritan_2076 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 20 13:29:01 EST 2006

> Last night I played around with connecting the OS-9 KA9Q package to a
> Linux box.

You got it to connect? Wow! I couldn't even confirm that it has a terminal-
like function. Or did you use it with a terminal program?
> It.... sort of worked.

Sounds like youre doing pretty good.

> I'll have to play around, err, debug it, some more.

Keep trying. You know more than I do. At this rate, the second dumbest person 
on this group (and no, I'm not calling anyone anything! ;) probably knows more 
than I ever will. But I did get a book called "Professional Programming 
Concepts" that takes the reader from Basic to C... so I'll "C" if I can learn 

Meanwhile, have fun and let us know what you find!

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