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The Network Controller 2 attached to the cassette interfaces.  All of the students would type CLOAD then the teacher would type CSAVE "filename".  The switch allowed the teacher to get programs from any one student at a time.

The predecessor worked identically, but only at the Model One 500 bps cassette rate.  The Network 2 worked at 1500 bps, so it could serve a classroom of Mod 3/4s (they could work with the Network 1 if the slow cassette speed was selected by everybody in the room) or Color Computers or Mod 100s.
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From: "L. Curtis Boyle" <curtisboyle at sasktel.net>
> I believe that the Network Controller II that Radio Shack sold to schools,  
> and allowed up to 16 Coco's to load programs from a 17th "Host" Coco, did  
> use DLOAD(M). I have seen the controllers, but usually on Model I/III  
> systems. I have uploaded an ad from a U.S. Radio Shack catalog from 1982  
> (see bottom of page) which talks about it. It is at ftp://maltedmedia.com,  
> and will be either in the "incoming" or "coco/NEWLY-RECEIVED" folders.

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