Jim Cox jimcox at miba51.com
Fri Nov 17 14:17:55 EST 2006


I believe someone on the list who is trying to write a 
program (or finish one he started) is in dire need of a 
CoCo 3.  Maybe he should get it?

Contact me off-line about this.  If that person happens to 
read this email, please contact both Mary and me.


On Fri, 17 Nov 2006 14:02:10 EST
  Nuxie at aol.com wrote:
> Hey there guys. I had been searching for just a simple 
>60 watt power  supply, 
> when i happened to stumble into radio shack asking 
> guess what. He told me of a place that is a computer 
>graveyard.  I called  this 
> computer graveyard and whooooaaa nelly. I went to this 
>warehouse and  quickly 
> thought i had died and went to heaven. The guy i talked 
>to on the phone  had 
> waiting for me a small piece of heaven.  He had 3 old 
>tandy disk  drives, 2 
> comadore 64 complete with their seprate disk drives, 1 
>coco3 in  pristine 
> condition, one tandy keyboard, a tandy dmp printer 
>complete with cables  books and 
> extra ink ribbon, and a tandy model 3.  this warehouse 
>had so  many computer parts 
> it was hard to even believe it truly existed. He found 
>some  computer 5 1/4 
> disk drives for me as well and says he knows in one of 
>his boxes  or pallets as 
> he called them that he has some tape drives. I will be 
>taking  pictures of 
> this stuff today and i will post them in my gallery page 
>on  CoCo3.com.  He even 
> has workstations. This guy said he will put me on his 
> contacts list and 
> anytime anything he gets in that is vintage or tandy etc 
>he  will call me for 
> sure!! cause it would save him from having to pay ebay 
>fees to  get rid of his 
> stuff.  So if there is any old or new pc part that you 
>need.  Let me know and i 
> bet ya he has it. I will be happy to pass any of his 
>stuff  along at whatever 
> he charges. I will just have you pay whatever he wants 
>for it  and i will have 
> him ship it to ya. I will have a full page ad in the 
>next E-Zine  about how 
> you can get ahold of this guy and also try to get a link 
>published on  
> coco3.com.  
> If anyone wants any of the stuff i have listed already 
>the drives, the  model 
> 3 etc let me know now i will be buying the listed stuff 
>monday. and i can  
> just ship it out to ya! 
> Mary
> CoCoNutz! E-Zine
> CoCo3.com
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