[Coco] Error codes on SECB

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Neither the SKIPF nor the CLOAD(M) commands can possibly return NE Error, 
since they just keep searching forever until they find the required file.
NE Error is strictly a DECB error.
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> On Thu, 16 Nov 2006 22:37:52 -0600, William Astle <lost at l-w.ca> wrote:
>> Diego Barizo wrote:
>>> While debugging a program, I noticed that some errors just don't
>>> generate an error code, like "NE error"
>>> Is there anywhere I could "peek" to identify this error?
>>> And out of curiosity, does anyone know why some errors are not included?
>>> ( I seen to remember another error that did not generate an error code,
>>> but just can't remember which one)
>> I thought NE was error code 26 (Unravelled book confirms.) Interestingly
>> enough, NE is defined by Extended Basic even though most folks would
>> only encounter it when using Disk Basic.
>> Unless you're doing something odd, all errors go through the same
>> handling process so ERRNO should provide the error code (assuming ON ERR
>> GOTO in effect). The only special handling I see in the error routines
>> is for some weird case of a UL error. (Note that if you aren't doing ON
>> ERR GOTO, you won't get the error code stored anywhere.)
>     The NE error is possible in regular (non-Disk) BASIC with cassette.
> You can specify a CLOAD(M) "filename", which will cause the tape to skip
> over any other programs until it finds it, if I remember correctly (been
> probably 20 years since I have ran cassette). Or maybe it was related to
> the SKIPF command.
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