[Coco] CoCo Specials

Roger Taylor webmaster at coco3.com
Wed Nov 8 20:47:32 EST 2006

Hello folks,

I've been working hard on various CoCo projects in prep for the 
holidays and I wanted to give some information on this and also 
mention a few deals I have.


First, the awaited "CoCo TV" DVD set is still in the making but it 
won't be long before Disc One will be mailed out.  The two-DVD set 
will come in two separate mailings, with Disc Two to arrive in mid 
December.  Both discs are part of the one purchase for the CoCo TV 
DVD product.  In other words, if you have sent your payment already, 
rest assured your two discs will be mailed.

To help raise more interest and to get the word out, I want to drop 
the price for a few days and try to pursuade more to take advantage 
of this deal before I run into production costs and have to raise the 
price.  For instance, I have to pay royalties to at least 3 
contributing CoCo users, and other unforseen costs may arise.

The CoCo TV DVD product is for your home entertainment system or PC 
DVD player and is a video DVD set.  The content is in Video format 
and will include features mentioned on the front page of CoCo3.com, 
but is not limited to that content.  That's two video DVDs with HQ 
sound and music for just $9.95 + shipping, on something that is 
taking months to product and many long hours at the keyboard using 
professional development tools and elbow grease.  Please show your 
interest by buying now.  As the days go on, I will get the bigger 
picture of what my total production costs will be and I will probably 
raise the price so that there is enough left to help on my site 
hosting fees, etc.

[Rainbow IDE, Portal-9 IDE]

I am also dropping the price on my Portal-9 IDE and Rainbow IDEs 
while I finish up on newer versions that keep up with the latest 
M.E.S.S. emulators without requiring me to recompile the IDEs so 
often.  Buy either IDE now and you get free upgrades "forever" no 
matter what price I have to sell at.  These IDEs are typically sold 
at $45 and $39 in many places on the web, but you can get them from 
the source, from the author which is Me, from my own websites using 
the Buy Now buttons for the price I can change with the mood I'm 
in.  :)  So, I'm in a good mood, and you can get either IDE for $9.95 
through this weekend only.

[CoCo Collection CD]

The CoCo Collection CD can be grabbed for just $4.95 + postage.  The 
CD includes thousands of files including games, ROM Paks, cassette 
images, floppy disk images, emulators and ROMs, utilities, apps, and more.

Now all we need is some snow and some hot CoCo :)


Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor

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