[Coco] Re: [Color Computer] giving away my entire retro computers collection

ProteanThread proteanthread at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 1 12:47:56 EST 2006

I am currently working on a list and will be posting
it to my website shortly:

http://www.rtdos.com/list.txt (dead link right now but
should be up sometime next week)

so if you are interested in my collection, please
check there first to see what is available; its on a
first come first served basis (recipient must pay for
all shipping up front) however i will honor the best
offer (i've already recieved hundreds of emails and
phone calls); i don't like doing this (i'm already
regretting it) but i absolutely have no room (or money
for storage) that i want to give my collection someone
or multiple someones who appreciates these retro

i have no intentions of leaving the retro community
(my alt os for games based on the classic systems is
still my priority); currently i'm looking to download
(or get someone to donate cd's or dvd's of) emulators,
sources, bios's, roms, programs, etc. that pertain to
these systems that i have (or had at one time).

its like giving a puppy or a kitten up for adoption,
you want to make sure that they get a good home; thats
the way i feel with my retro stash (of course i am to
blame if nothing works for i kept my collection in
storage for 10 years); basically i want to give my
collection to the community (i will part out,but each
recipient must pay shipping in full up front) as my
collection is as much a part of me as it is a part of
the retro community.

so if anyone wants to donate cd's or dvd's of
collections of programs, emulators, sources, drivers,
bios's, roms, etc. of anything retro related (even if
they are not to recieve any part of my collection) i'd
appreciate it (as i said i have no intentions of
leaving the retro community once my physical
collection is depleted).  :-)

right now i have about 40 more of appx. 50 boxes left
to go through, i have about a dozen or so monitors
(composite so they should work with nearly any system
with an rca jack); several boxes of ibm pc compatible
cards (already claimed by a local pc repair service),
several printers (atari, tandy, commodore, apple),
tons of books and manuals, etc. (don't worry i have
another storage area that'll i'll be going through
once the stuff in my house is depleted)

Jeff Wood
307 222 4224
proteanthread at yahoo

--- Leon Howell <puritan_2076 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> (ProteanThread <proteanthread at ...> writes:
> > 
> > as i've been telling everyone, its on a first come
> > first served basis but i will honor the best deal.
>  i
> > just want to see this stuff given to a good home
> and
> > taken care of.  i'm trying to get a list together
> to
> > post on my website.
> Do you have a Maxsys Colorburst? I really want and
> sort of desperately need 
> one.
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