[Coco] Trouble with OmniFlop

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Sun May 28 18:19:21 EDT 2006

Mike Pepe wrote:
> Robert Gault wrote:
>> I've had success but am not sure if it makes sense. I was under the 
>> impression that the normal tpi for a Coco was 48. That was the value I 
>> was using with OmniFlop with 3.5" disks. It does not work.
>> Jason suggested trying 96tpi and that gives perfect results.
>> So Bert, for starters try selecting 96tpi when formatting and writing 
>> with OmniFlop and let us know what happens.
> 3.5" disks are 96tpi regardless of their capacity. 5.25" disks are 48tpi 
> if the 40 track variety, 96tpi if the 80 track variety.
> It could be that omniflop is literally following your instructions and 
> is attempting to make a 48tpi 3.5" disk by double-stepping, making an 
> unreadable disk.
In which case thats an OmniFlop bug and it should be reported as such, 
there are no 48tpi 3.5 disks, so it should automaticly disable the 48tpi 
double stepping for all 3.5" formats.

Cheers, Gene

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