[Coco] Anyone know how to use dtocas.exe utility?

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Sat May 27 08:00:05 EDT 2006

Bert & Peggy Schneider wrote:
> What are the command prompts for the utility to convert a CoCo binary
> file to a CoCo .cas file?
Not sure what you mean. Several utilities come with the JVC emulator, 
CAS2ROM.EXE (reads a ROM file from tape and creates a .ROM image), 
CASIN.EXE (reads a file from tape to the PC), and CASOUT.EXE (sends a PC 
file to tape).

Each of these commands has built-in help. Just enter the command name in 
a DOS Window. Since I've never used them and don't have an original 
Sound Blaster card on my PC, I couldn't say if they will work under 
WinXP or must be used from DOS.

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