[Coco] Ken-Ton SCSI Controller

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Sun May 21 07:37:43 EDT 2006

Clifford wrote:
> I need some help on getting a ken-ton SCSI controller working. Is anyone
> using one and
> what settings are you using on your drives? The drives themselves work with
> my TC-3.
> Clifford 
What type of drives and OS? What problems are you having? Presumably the
interface is in an MPI and if so, does it match the Coco you are using
or has it (MPI) been upgraded if necessary? Have you made any jumper
changes to the KenTon interface? What controller is being used for your
floppies, and is there an I/O address conflict between the floppy
controller and KenTon interface?

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