[Coco] Re: NitrOS-9 Level 3!?

Richard E. Crislip rcrislip at neo.rr.com
Sat May 20 05:08:47 EDT 2006

Hello Boisy

What else can I do? I now have OpenOffice Writer installed on my PeeCees
which can save directly to PDF. Sooo if you'll point me to something that
needs done, I'll do what a 59 year old employeed and full time college
student can do 8-). Can you believe it!??? After 40 years of attending one
university or another, I'm FINALLY going to get a bachelor degree to go
along with my anceint programming associate degree. 8-/

On 05/19/2006, Boisy Pitre wrote:
> On May 17, 2006, at 6:23 PM, Leon Howell wrote:
>> I think there is a "Change Log" in the zip file, but there are *no*  
>> specific
>> details, so it doesn't do much good. also, it should be on the  
>> disk. There is
>> some additional info on changes in the /defs directory, but again,  
>> nothing
>> specific.
> I can look into copying the ChangeLog file somewhere onto the disk  
> image (probably on disk #2 of the 40 track DSDD disks).
>> Computer manuals are as notorious as acts of congress for lack of  
>> clarity. When
>> upgrades as big as these are distributed with absolutely *no*  
>> documentation,
>> espesialy with as os as complicated as OS-9, you have an exelent  
>> excuse to go
>> bananas.
>> So, programmers, how about a little help here? Please remember that  
>> not only do
>> some of us out here find C unreadable, but all those pathnames and  
>> scripts too.
>> While you're at it, see if you can add some nice easy new features  
>> to GShell,
>> please? Here's a hint: borrow a Commodore 64/128 and play with Geos  
>> for a
>> while. Or an Apple IIe with MouseDesk. Multi-Vue is great, as far  
>> as it goes,
>> but it could go a lot farther in simplifying NitrOS-9.
> I can understand your frustration regarding the lack of  
> documentation.  There are a couple of PDF documents online at  
> www.nitros9.org, but there is more documentation that is ready for  
> processing, just not enough hands to do it.
> I can speak for myself here -- maintaining the source code to the  
> NitrOS-9 Project is a "full-time" endeavor in and of itself.   
> Documentation does exist, but it is in a state of flux.  I've posted  
> on this forum numerous times over the past several years, asking for  
> someone to help with documentation.  There has been some success  
> (Richard Crislip and Greg Law have done some work) but there is no  
> one person that has stepped up to be THE person to update the docs on  
> a per release basis.  That is what is needed, IMO, to get the  
> documentation to the point where it is reliable, up-to-date and  
> usable by individuals.
> So I'll ask one more time:  if anyone out there has (1) CVS and (2)  
> Microsoft Word and wants to take up the challenge of getting the  
> documentation up to date and give it a clean, spiffy look, email me.   
> I'll be frank:  it's a LOT of work, so don't waste your time or mine  
> if you aren't dead serious about taking this on and sticking with  
> it.  I'll help get the person up and running with CVS, and give them  
> some ideas on where the documentation is and where it needs to be.   
> Of course, the person needs to show some initiative and knowledge  
> about NitrOS-9 to even begin doing this task.  Frankly, I won't spend  
> my time babysitting someone and asking them constantly to do  
> something.  That's why SUSTAINED INITIATIVE is absolutely required to  
> do this documentation project.
> Regards,
> Boisy
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