[Coco] Technical question re: video

Neil Morrison neilsmorr at hotpop.com
Tue May 16 00:15:22 EDT 2006

Check out Microchip.com IIRC they have cheap video controllers.


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From: "Brian Blake" <random_rodder at yahoo.com>

>  I've had a little more time to do some digging into the matter and I 
> think you're right. The LCD controller hardware is a little pricy. I was 
> looking to use a 10.4" laptop LCD since it had a good shor at fitting into 
> the Model III/IV case with little modification to the case. Earthlcd.com 
> has a few converters that should do this, but, the price is $150. A little 
> more than I was wanting to spend for this part of the project. So, I'll 
> probably be stuck using a color tv.

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