[Color Computer] [Coco] new CoCo games

James Diffendaffer jdiffendaffer at yahoo.com
Sun May 14 14:23:51 EDT 2006

>>The source code for a few CoCo adventures (names escape me... 
>>Calixto Island???) have code for setting up the old CoCo screen,
>> printing text on the graphics screen... stuff like that.
>This is exactly what I'm talking about.  I have the source to some of
>those neat Bob Withers' games but not the assembler he used, so there

What assembler was it anyway?  I didn't even look to see if it said.
It looked a lot like Macro80c which is what I had.  Still have the
disks, docs and everything.  And they still worked last year.
It was pretty powerfull.  Sadly I moved on to the Amiga within months
of buying it and it had little use.

>seems to be a lot of work involved in translating and assembling the
> game.

I didn't think it looked bad.  It used @ for local lables, can declare
multiple repeating bytes and I didn't care for the formatting but
other than that I saw nothing very strange.

>However, making it an IDE project should simplify things.

I suppose the changes I have to make could be moved back to the
original sources.
I may replace these print routines with others I have but those
require disassembly since they are in BASIC data statements.

>>I downloaded a line drawing routine from somewhere but haven't done
>>anything with it yet.
>Portal-9 comes with some sample 6809 code including a CoCo line
>drawing algorithm.  You still have to insert the pixel drawing 
>subroutine(s) though.

LOL, that could be where I got it but I thought it was on a web page.
I have some code that does it through ROM calls but that's not very

>>I was trying to use the Rainbow IDE to build it but I need to get 
>>the build to work properly.
>What seems to be the problem?

I need to read the manual! 

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