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Fri May 12 15:04:41 EDT 2006

  Well, all I know is, it works. I found it on a JS website and copied as 
is, made the changes to the variables and used it. I don't know enough about 
this type of language to carry an intelligent conversation about it. I see 
where I made an erroneous statement about Java. DOH! It says right there 
it's JavaScript.
  I think I kinda understand how this one works. Sort of like using strings 
in B09 and passing them to another routine to use it, yes?
  I suppose I should study this stuff. Perhaps I could use it to my 
advantage on my websites. I need a simple shopping cart.


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From: "Roger Taylor"

> George, that's not Java.  Java is a 100% different beast than JavaScript. 
> Similar names, though.
> At 08:09 PM 5/11/2006, you wrote:
>>This is what I use to keep email harvesters from finding my email.
>>This first section can be placed anywhere ahead of the second section...
>><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
>>var user;
>>var domain;
>>var suffix;
>>function jemail(user, domain, suffix){
>>document.write('<a href="' + 'mailto:' + user + '@' + domain + '.' + 
>>suffix + '">' + user + '@' + domain + '.' + suffix + '</a>');
>>// End -->
>>Then this part actually places the "MailTO" on the page where you want it.
>><SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
>>jemail("yourusername", "yourdomain", "yoursuffix"); <ie: 
>>// End -->
>>I hope this can help those of you that have websites or webpages. If 
>>someone's browser doesn't support Java, well it's just too bad. I prefer 
>>the security over serving everyone.

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