[Coco] Conference call with Gizmo

Dave Kelly daveekelly at earthlink.net
Wed May 10 20:14:54 EDT 2006

hluckey007 at comcast.net wrote:
> Under Gizmo there is free conference calling Gizmo to Gizmo. A conference call looks like this: 1-222-XXX-XXXX where the X's stand for any number from 0 to 9.
> I propose the number 1-222-222-2626. Two's stand for "C" on the telephone keypad and six stands for "O." So my numbers stand for Color Computer Club for my three 2's and the 2626 stands for CoCo.
> I am unsure how all of this works. My plan is once I have my system set up and I am on the Internet I am going to dial 1-222-222-2626 in to Gizmo and then wait to see we can establish a conference call.
> Howard
I'm sitting in that room, so it tells me. Waiting for others to joint.


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