[Coco] COCO4 Emulator

John R. Hogerhuis jhoger at pobox.com
Sat May 6 14:32:09 EDT 2006

Another possible "emulator with extensions" application:

I mentioned my idea when this thread came up before that it would be
cool to have a bootable linux CD that starts up in, say MESS w/
extensions, or at least set up to access Linux resources.

The basic idea is a nostalgic "coco skin" for Linux (or for other OSes).

For example, you could (by default) have a serial device hooked to a
Linux serial terminal. Then you could pop that open in a terminal
emulator on the Coco emulator  and access an xterm.

Maybe one could implement a device that understands that control codes
that go along with curses... then you could start Linux text
applications from the coco OS9 prompt with text gui.

One could even imagine extending the Coco with a high resolution
display, run MultiVue on that and popping up an xterm in it or run
Firefox. X on framebuffer could generate the display? The X server would
really be running under Linux but the display would be mixed with other
Coco programs.

Kind of goofy but you would essentially be able to access everything you
do now but mixing coco and modern applications seamlessly with a retro
look and feel.

-- John.

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