Nitros9 on Intel: (was) [Coco] COCO4 Emulator

James Jones jamesjones01 at
Sat May 6 12:02:42 EDT 2006

Diego Barizo wrote:
> What is the license for NitrOS-9?
> The source is available...
> And about porting it to 80x86, there was/is a version, OS-9000 according 
> to wikipedia, that should work on PCs.
> Has anybody ever seen/used it?

I have. :)

Problem is, unless things have changed a lot, it would be way too 
expensive. OS-9 for the CoCo was relatively inexpensive because Tandy 
bought a license for lots of copies. Without a company like that or a 
nostalgic multimillionaire former CoCo user to make a similar deal, 
OS-9000 (or as it is now called, OS-9 for the x86) would cost a lot per 


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