[Coco] Multi-Pak Modification to work with a CoCo 3 (model No. 26-3124)

Mark Marlette mark at cloud9tech.com
Wed May 3 14:55:17 EDT 2006


The 3124 is not the pop in PAL replacement, that is the 3024.

Bert, go to Paul Barton's web site and get his article on the upgrade.


Quoting Robert Emery <theother_bob at yahoo.com>:

>> I've seen two different web pages with information on how to modify a
>> Multi-Pak to work with a CoCo 3.
>> What is the best way to make this modification?
> Depends how you qualify "best"...
> The "easy" way is to buy a replacement PAL/GAL chip and just remove 
> the old one
> and pop in the new one.
> The "cheap" way is to solder in a 74LSxx (I forget the exact chip, 
> even though
> I have done this mod myself) and a few small bits of wire.
> With moderate soldering skills and costing under $1, I consider #2 the best
> method. Someone less technically inclined might prefer the 
> replacement chip as
> the best method. Either method yields the same result... a working 
> MPI for your
> CoCo3.
> cheers,
> Bob
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