[Coco] Short Sunday CoCoFest WebCam

Brian Blake random_rodder at yahoo.com
Wed May 3 14:39:06 EDT 2006

I tried to respond last night, but, my dial up connection was acting up so it didn't take...

Since I do not program (yet) and am pretty far from being a hardware designer, I'm pretty quiet on the list. If I have a question, I ask. Most often I just read and try to absorb. I hadn't even seen a Coco since 1986 until January of this year and had no clue it was still alive. That said, with the time constraints involved and the obvious costs involved, there was no chance in hades that I was gonna make it to the 'Fest this year. We'll have to see about next year. And since I am on dial up, view the webcam was out of the question anyhow.

A few of the things I have picked up on during my short time here;

Roger's Coco3.com site, Portal9 and Rainbow IDE are all GREAT resources for everyone in the community. I don't have to be hit in the head with a brick to realize this.

Roy's video adapter is something I am dying to get my hands on when it's my turn. (I'm tired of 13" TV's)

Sockmaster John is an awesome programmer. Hopefully one day I'll be able to make the Coco (or ANY computer for that matter) do some neat things (or just ANYTHING I don't have to pay for...).

The Cloud9 duo of Mark and Boisy have developed hardware that has extended the life and capabilities of the Coco far beyond what it was ever dreamed of. Truely incredible. Eagerly anticipating the SuperBoard.

I know I am forgetting more than a few who contribute lots to this community, and for that I am sorry. This was NOT meant to be an all inclusive list.

That said, while I have no particular problem with someone venting or discussing one's opinion of a given situation, there are times when it is far better to discuss certian persoanl issues via private email. The personal aspect this thread took was probably one of those times. While this list is certainly not a public setting, it isn't totally private either. Generalized discussion is great, but, some of what was said should have been done via private email and not on the list, IMO.

As Forrest Gump said, "That's all I've got to say about that..."


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