[Coco] Video adapters

Mark Marlette mark at cloud9tech.com
Tue May 2 12:48:31 EDT 2006


Both of the adapters use the 10 pin IDC method of connecting to the 
video adapter.

I've been using my video cables for so long I forgot about this. So 
rather it being a plug and try it is a build and try. So it is not real 
high on my priority list.


Quoting Chester A Patterson <vchester at setec-cr.com>:

> So, how'd it go running both adapters simultanously?
> /Chester
> Costa Rica
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> In a message dated 4/26/06 10:56:47 P.M. Eastern  Daylight Time,
> chawks at dls.net writes:
>>    Since they both  connect to the Coco3's RGB output, probably not.
>> But, If someone wants to  build an RGB 'Y' cable, we can try it.
>> Right, Roy?
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>> Christopher R. Hawks
>> HAWKSoft
> You can do that BUT  the input resistance of my converter is 50 ohms.
> If Christopher's device also  has a low DC resistance (50-75 ohms) then
> one or the other must increase it's  resistance to avoid overloading the
> outputs in order to use them  simultaneously..
> By the way Chris, if your converter  doesn't have a 50-75 ohm
> input resistance on the RGB signal lines (not on the  sync lines)
> then try applying this amount of parallel input resistance and  see
> if the image improves.   The output circuits where designed to  drive
> this type of load.
> Roy
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