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Don't get me wrong, If I could have gotten out there, I defiantly would
have, and hopefully by this time next year, Dell will have me transferred
some where down in the States, (Yes, I work for Dell) so it will be a bit
easier crossing the boarder, although by that time we will need passports to
cross over into the States. Its just, in the last 2 years, work has
presented a problem in March and April. Maybe a change of time of year would
be the answer- I know that traditionally April has always been the month,
but I know my busiest time is usually between February and June, and after
the labour day long weekend things just wind down.
- Just a suggestion

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I disagree Glenn.  Having more fests in different places is not the answer.
Everyone wants a fest next door to them, but then it isolates other people.

Chicago is virtually in the middle of the United States.  It's a major city
with two major airports: O'Hare and Midway.  It has been the traditional
city for CoCo Fests for over two decades, and you can pretty much get there
from anywhere.

I don't mean to sound harsh here, but this is the type of excuse that just
keeps getting old.  So it's a 4 or 5 day drive, then fly.  I can appreciate
your circumstances, but surely you consider yourself resourceful enough to
find some way to attend the fest next year?


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