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I, also would have loved to attend, but with work and the fact that I am up
in Canada, I could not have ever dreamed of coming down especially now with
so many restrictions on crossing the boarder. I think we need another "West
cost" fest. If it was more to the west cost, I would have tried more to get
down, The closest boarder is 13 hour south and This years feast would have
been a 4 or 5 day drive for me.

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Very well said.

 I wish I could come. San Antonio is just too far away. I only make $8/hr
and I just simply can't manage to save a penny for ANYTHING. If I could
drive over there during the day and have time to visit, then I would.
 By golly, do it next year in San Antonio or Austin, I'll be there. PROMISE!

I could even make as far as Houston, because I have family there where I
could put up for a weekend. Dallas/Ft.Worth is too far and no friends or
family there.
 In San Antonio, there is the River Walk. A great place to visit in the


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From: "Mark Marlette" Sent: Monday, May 01, 2006 1:34 PM

> I'm sure there will be a fest report to follow. I would like to add, and I

> know I'll get flamed for this but...it is true.
> More people need to attend this once of a year function. Without it we
> would have less if anything. Is it a cheap event to attend? No. Is it
> worth while? Without a doubt.
> There are an endless number of excuses on why one could not make it. Some
> indicate money, schedule conflicts, etc. All valid at some point in time
> but after 25yrs, people that have never attend a fest, that means it is
> not a priority.
> Money issue...Most all of being adults or seniors now :) Can plan for the
> once a year event. Putting a little money aside each, week month what ever

> gets you there. Even if you can't put away enough money to attend every
> year then attend every other year or what ever works.
> Conflicts..They do happen. Glenside has done a good job scheduling these
> events so that they don't happen on the same weekend every year. You might

> not be able to attend every year but should be able to get to them, if it
> is a priority.
> The web cam is OK for people overseas or the ones that don't not attend
> every year. It seems there is emphasis put on this technology so that
> people don't have to attend. Believe me the web cam is nothing like being
> there.
> Glenside..Thanks again for putting on the fest again in 2006. I'm sure it
> is a drain on resources. You try to recover some of the costs but as
> indicated this year, prices are going up. This means that more people need

> to attend to help out the community. Another is membership. I'm not going
> to go over the figures that Gator announced Sunday afternoon, I'll let
> Glenside do that. I can say that is something to be VERY proud of! This
> shows that the people that are present are committed to the CoCo and the
> event. Hats off to all that made to Elgin and reup'd their dues.
> Next year? Jury is still out. I can say that it was VERY enjoyable to see
> new products out. Roy's VGA, Chris Hawks's S-Video and CD file manager,
> Carl England's Backup Magic program. I bought one of each from all of the
> new product vendors. Many did and on the hardware side, I believe they all

> sold out of product.
> Goes to show ya, there is a CoCo market. Many indicate that there isn't.
> Boisy and I can tell you that there is. The vendors that sold out of their

> products at the fest will say the same. So come on....lets see some
> products.
> Cloud-9 had little sales this year at the fest do to inventory being sold
> out. It was like a much needed vacation this year for me. It was great to
> walk around and see others booths and products. Something I hardly ever
> get to do there. I also indicated that hardware sales would not start back

> up until the SuperBoard is completed. So we are in a holding pattern on
> hardware sales. Boisy will be updating our home page to indicate that
> software sales are going to resume and be handled by him. SuperBoard will
> continue to be developed, please don't ask, you will know, I won't be
> silent about... :)
> Closing....More people need to attend, bottom line. More planning needs to

> go into getting people there, advertising of the event other than this
> list. A published event schedule prior to the fest, seminars, notable
> people, etc.
> Flame me all you want, it wouldn't be the first time. In this case action
> of the fest attendees do speak louder than the words.......
> Regards,
> Mark
> Cloud-9
> uoting Jim Cox <jimcox at miba51.com>:
>> Roger, Roy, Justin, and others:
>> Thanks for putting this together for those of us who couldn't make it.
>> -Jim
>> http://www.miba51.com/
>> http://www.cloudymidnights.com/
>> On Sun, 30 Apr 2006 15:50:58 -0500
>>  Roger Taylor <webmaster at coco3.com> wrote:
>>> Well, for the second year we've managed to pull off some last-minute
>>> miracles and come up with a webcam feed from the Last Annual Chicaco
>>> CoCo Fest.
>>> This year we missed Saturday alltogether due to connection problems but
>>> much to my surprise when I got up this morning (Sunday) there appeared
>>> to be some attempts from the fest at uploading cam pictures to the
>>> coco3.com server.  When I checked the last image out it was definately a

>>> shot from the fest floor, so I went to work right away setting up the
>>> CoCo Cafe to display these images.  For a while they weren't updating
>>> for long periods of time, but all of a sudden things started coming
>>> together.
>>> So, before the day was wasted we managed to build up some 14+ chatters
>>> at a time in the CoCo Cafe complete with an updating picture from the
>>> fest floor.  Ofcourse, the images had to be repainted over a blank
>>> background due to how the chat system refreshes the web page, so the
>>> fest images had to "ride along" as a static image on the page and get
>>> updated whenever the page did.  Since the cam rate and the chat rate
>>> were about the same, I didn't bother putting in any fancy JavaScript to
>>> make the image refresh while the chat page was idle, but I could have.
>>> I'll save that for the next event that comes along with a cam feed.
>>> Actually, right now the cam is still going and it looks like those guys
>>> are cleaning up and stuff, so if you wanna catch it before they turn the

>>> cam off, here's the link:
>>> http://chat.coco3.com
>>> Night, all.
>>> Cheers,
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>>> Roger Taylor
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