[Coco] File Transfer from CD to Coco Floppy Disk

Bob Devries devries.bob at gmail.com
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Required equipment for this would be a PC with Win98 with 5.25" drive  the 
Jeff Vavasour emulator (for DSKINI.EXE)
Also, WImgTool.exe (from MESS emulator) to put files onto the image.

Use WimgTool.exe to create a blank RSDOS or OS9 image, and then move the 
files you want from the CDROM to the image(s)
Use DSKINI.EXE in a DOS environment on Win98 to copy the image to a 5.25" 
Take that disk to the Coco, and Viola! you have the files on your coco.

If you have any further questions, please ask.

Regards, Bob Devries, Dalby, Queensland, Australia

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> Hello COCO Users
> I am about to buy the Cloud 9 RTSI Archive  CD with all the coco
> programs.
> My question: How do I get the programs from a PC to a coco floppy disk?
> So far I've not used any of the coco Emulators.
> All help will be appreciated.
> John
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