[Coco] CoCoFest 2007 Test Web Site

Nickolas Marentes nickma at optusnet.com.au
Mon May 15 16:16:31 EDT 2006

This is probably now become off-topic and won't be resurrected till 
after next years CoCoFest but I have created a preliminary test web page 
for the next Chicago CoCoFest.

All it has on it at the moment is a sample logo that I created. The area 
below would be filled with information about the fest. It could 
eventually have a table listing activities, vendors, seminars, 
attendees, special guests and so on.

I must stress that this is just a test page and has not been endorsed by 
Glenside as yet and merely begins to open the potential of what a future 
CoCoFest could be. I don't plan to take it any further unless there is a 
solid committment from organiser/s to create a CoCoFest that the CoCo 
community has been wanting (based on feedback on this list from the 
recently held fest).

Check it out at....           

Nickolas Marentes

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