[Coco] new CoCo games

Roger Taylor webmaster at coco3.com
Sat May 13 21:07:10 EDT 2006

Has anybody been working on a new CoCo game lately?  Do you have any old 
unfinished projects that you might want to revive?  I think we could use 
some new games on the scene.

Last year I started the graphics for a game I really wanted to complete, 
nicknamed "Microsloth Mission".  It would be a graphics/text adventure 
where you had to infiltrate the Microsloth headquarters and find "Bill 
Kates" or some other mission like recover a secret CoCo floppy disk, etc.

Because I was a huge fan of the Interbank Incident game, I wanted this game 
to act similar with a mouse-driven environment where you pick up your 
inventory and drop it on the screen or vice-versa... grab it from the 
screen and it goes into your inventory area.  Also would be buttons for Up, 
Down, Left, Right, Talk, a Hand, etc.

I finished some of the graphics which are the campus entrance, the 
lobby/reception desk, the hallway, elevator entrance, an office, etc. and 
the human figures that would occupy the building, which are about 5 
famales, 5 males, and Billy Boy himself complete with glasses.  None of the 
code has been written and hardly any of the game's interactive objects have 
been drawn that will be placed around the headquarters, other than the 
people and a few objects.

If I attempt to finish this game it could take a few months to 
complete.  Is there any interest in such a game?

Roger Taylor

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