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Mark Marlette mark at cloud9tech.com
Mon May 1 14:34:58 EDT 2006

I'm sure there will be a fest report to follow. I would like to add, 
and I know I'll get flamed for this but...it is true.

More people need to attend this once of a year function. Without it we 
would have less if anything. Is it a cheap event to attend? No. Is it 
worth while? Without a doubt.

There are an endless number of excuses on why one could not make it. 
Some indicate money, schedule conflicts, etc. All valid at some point 
in time but after 25yrs, people that have never attend a fest, that 
means it is not a priority.

Money issue...Most all of being adults or seniors now :) Can plan for 
the once a year event. Putting a little money aside each, week month 
what ever gets you there. Even if you can't put away enough money to 
attend every year then attend every other year or what ever works.

Conflicts..They do happen. Glenside has done a good job scheduling 
these events so that they don't happen on the same weekend every year. 
You might not be able to attend every year but should be able to get to 
them, if it is a priority.

The web cam is OK for people overseas or the ones that don't not attend 
every year. It seems there is emphasis put on this technology so that 
people don't have to attend. Believe me the web cam is nothing like 
being there.

Glenside..Thanks again for putting on the fest again in 2006. I'm sure 
it is a drain on resources. You try to recover some of the costs but as 
indicated this year, prices are going up. This means that more people 
need to attend to help out the community. Another is membership. I'm 
not going to go over the figures that Gator announced Sunday afternoon, 
I'll let Glenside do that. I can say that is something to be VERY proud 
of! This shows that the people that are present are committed to the 
CoCo and the event. Hats off to all that made to Elgin and reup'd their 

Next year? Jury is still out. I can say that it was VERY enjoyable to 
see new products out. Roy's VGA, Chris Hawks's S-Video and CD file 
manager, Carl England's Backup Magic program. I bought one of each from 
all of the new product vendors. Many did and on the hardware side, I 
believe they all sold out of product.

Goes to show ya, there is a CoCo market. Many indicate that there 
isn't. Boisy and I can tell you that there is. The vendors that sold 
out of their products at the fest will say the same. So come on....lets 
see some products.

Cloud-9 had little sales this year at the fest do to inventory being 
sold out. It was like a much needed vacation this year for me. It was 
great to walk around and see others booths and products. Something I 
hardly ever get to do there. I also indicated that hardware sales would 
not start back up until the SuperBoard is completed. So we are in a 
holding pattern on hardware sales. Boisy will be updating our home page 
to indicate that software sales are going to resume and be handled by 
him. SuperBoard will continue to be developed, please don't ask, you 
will know, I won't be silent about... :)

Closing....More people need to attend, bottom line. More planning needs 
to go into getting people there, advertising of the event other than 
this list. A published event schedule prior to the fest, seminars, 
notable people, etc.

Flame me all you want, it wouldn't be the first time. In this case 
action of the fest attendees do speak louder than the words.......



uoting Jim Cox <jimcox at miba51.com>:

> Roger, Roy, Justin, and others:
> Thanks for putting this together for those of us who couldn't make it.
> -Jim
> http://www.miba51.com/
> http://www.cloudymidnights.com/
> On Sun, 30 Apr 2006 15:50:58 -0500
>  Roger Taylor <webmaster at coco3.com> wrote:
>> Well, for the second year we've managed to pull off some last-minute 
>> miracles and come up with a webcam feed from the Last Annual Chicaco 
>> CoCo Fest.
>> This year we missed Saturday alltogether due to connection problems 
>> but much to my surprise when I got up this morning (Sunday) there 
>> appeared to be some attempts from the fest at uploading cam pictures 
>> to the coco3.com server.  When I checked the last image out it was 
>> definately a shot from the fest floor, so I went to work right away 
>> setting up the CoCo Cafe to display these images.  For a while they 
>> weren't updating for long periods of time, but all of a sudden 
>> things started coming together.
>> So, before the day was wasted we managed to build up some 14+ 
>> chatters at a time in the CoCo Cafe complete with an updating 
>> picture from the fest floor.  Ofcourse, the images had to be 
>> repainted over a blank background due to how the chat system 
>> refreshes the web page, so the fest images had to "ride along" as a 
>> static image on the page and get updated whenever the page did.  
>> Since the cam rate and the chat rate were about the same, I didn't 
>> bother putting in any fancy JavaScript to make the image refresh 
>> while the chat page was idle, but I could have. I'll save that for 
>> the next event that comes along with a cam feed.
>> Actually, right now the cam is still going and it looks like those 
>> guys are cleaning up and stuff, so if you wanna catch it before they 
>> turn the cam off, here's the link:
>> http://chat.coco3.com
>> Night, all.
>> Cheers,
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>> Roger Taylor
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